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The Rio 2016 Olympic Games represent a great opportunity for brands are announced at an international level. Firms like Samsung and Apple have not wasted the opportunity and joined with the theme-related announcements, however, not everything is in a sporting environment, as violence leaves afloat with the new spot for Amnesty International.

Rio 2016 stands out for its large investment in sponsorships, which in total is equivalent to 52 per cent, reveals the International Olympic Committee (IOC). It previous promotes the participation of brands through messages advertising focused on the event. As are other firms that is make a call to awareness around a topic, an example is Amnesty International.

The company, which works for human rights makes a call for attention to a problem that prevails in Rio, watch olympics online with the use of a secure vpn service. Violence by the police themselves, as according to their data, the record of deaths has been broken, reaching never before presenciadas figures.

Within “Politie breekt records in river” is plasma the history of Matheus Silva an inhabitant of river that was murdered in the year 2014, unless he was armed. This is not the only story on the subject, but it represents to the over two thousand 500 deaths since they were announced.

Vale noted that within the official profile of Amnesty International on YouTube, it mentions that “there was a solemn promise: Rio de Janeiro is a safe Olympic city.” However, the harsh reality is different: there are more and more deaths by police violence. Most of the victims are young black people of the slums.”

In addition, data from the Institute of public security of Rio point only in May of this year, police killed 40 people. The fact is faced 17 dead reported for the same cause in the year 2015 may. Coupled with, Amnesty International reveals that the preparations of river for them Games Olympic could trigger another surge of violence police against the protesters and residents of favelas.

Rio is seen as an attractive tourist destination, however, the reality is different, where the deaths of citizens because of police amounts as on the date of the Olympic Games 2016.

Red uniforms are reserved for medical services, blue for officers technical (also will have a more formal attire), the yellow for the “staff” and green for those who interact directly with the public. “(Uniforms) are inspired in our nature, the energy of the Brazilians and the visual identity of Rio 2016.

“Were created to show the essence of the team River 2016, that is striving to make ones Games Olympic and Paralympic memorable”, explained recently Beth Lula, Director of brand in the Committee River 2016. “The look of the Rio 2016 games is, in itself, a rich color palette. For uniforms we identify the most predominant colors and use them to distinguish staff and align them with their areas of activity.

Blue, for example, works perfectly for judges, given that the areas of competence are blue. In the same way, the Green was chosen since the signage in the stadiums will be of the same color. So, what’re you saying viewers it is “follow the green”, explained recently Todd Severson, director of services of the Rio 2016 games.

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