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That those colors can influence on the character and State of mood not is thing of the Feng shui. Many studies and treated psychological speak of the subject. What is new is the idea that people with depressive pictures perceive colors differently to happy people.

The importance of the colors for the human being is more of what could seem. A study from the University of Rochester, in United States, says that the exposure to certain colors can hinder or facilitate certain skills. Even could suppress the appetite or cause it.

That same study holds that, of the same way that a situation emotional altered can cause changes in the conception of the space in which is located the subject and them objects that you surround, the sadness can affect to the mode in that is perceive them colors. The reason is very simple. A sad person produces less dopamine, which affects the retina, which shrinks and causes that the colour tones look with less intensity and more are off.

This made, that could be anecdotal, has served to researchers of the universities of Harvard and Vermont develop a system that would be capable of detect them depressions or them changes mood with something as everyday as Instagram.

To test this theory, conducted a test with a hundred of individuals that had last for some process depressive. They analyzed their publications on Instagram, which refers to the aesthetics of the images as well as in regard to the interactions, likes, buy followers on instagram emoticons or comments, and came to a strange conclusion.

According to Reece and Danforth, them feelings depressive is manifest more clearly in the choice of the filters of Instagram and them colors, that in them actions apparently more explicit as could be a like or a comment.

Of this form, the people in situations depressive tend to publish photos with dominant blue, not very bright and with those colors very little saturated. This would coincide with the study of the University of Rochester, that concluded that the sadness affects to the perception of them colors included in the fork that goes of the blue to the yellow while not affects to the range that goes from the Red to the green.

Long term, the results of this research would enable a set of parameters which, in combination with the algorithm of the social network, would diagnose a depression to the user even before he was aware of that is developing it.

Instagram is a machine of generating viral of beauty and the last is the diffused under the hashtag #bundrop. The action, recorded in video, consists in that the person (both men as women) releases its hair of the tool that subject the monkey that have made buy followers on instagram. So, is sees how his hair is unravels along his back to camera slow. Not use the hands until the end, when Cup her hair.

The image has the capacity of hypnotize and is should, mainly, to the length of the hair. He simile more immediate that is appears in the mind is the of it legend of Rapunzel, that Princess that left fall his hair by the window so its in love trepase by it Tower until its room.

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